{lovely lists}

There is something so nice about a well thought out checklist. I find it to be one of the most calming things when I am embarking on a new task. When I have a thorough checklist to reference it makes whatever I am doing infinitely easier and less daunting.

With the end of summer drawing near, I find myself with the autumnal urge to store up on supplies and get ready for winter (this even when it’s still in the 90’s outside, go figure!) Regardless of reason or season, a list is always a good thing to have when stocking or planning for any event. And typically Martha Stewart manages to supply the very checklists I am referring to. Everything from stocking your pantry to planning a bridal shower, Martha provides checklists for almost every occasion and organizational task. Take a gander, and with a couple of mouse clicks; download, print, they can all be yours! Just click here and find all the checklists you could ever need!


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