I have been a bad blogger, I know. I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with drama in my life, and the blog got pushed to the back burner. Not like anyone is checking everyday, not like anyone reads this, or cares, or wants to care…if you are still with me just comment “macaroni!” And if you get my reference you are a real rock star!

But I promise I have been thinking of things that I really want to blog about during my hiatus and I’m sure as soon as I get my footing I will go blogging bananas! However for now, I just have to say a few things about this great film the boy and I saw last week, Departures.

We’ve started a weekly thing where we are going to try to see movies every Tuesday, although we already missed yesterday. But last week the boy took me to the Music Box on Wilshire to see Departures directed by YOJIRO TAKITA. Fittingly I knew nothing about it and figured it was probably about travel.

When actually it’s the Japanese film that nabbed the Academy Award for best foreign film last year and follows a young man through a strange, difficult and fascinating career change from concert cellist to working in “departures.” He and his wife assume it’s something to do with travel– it’s not.

I won’t say more than that, as to not give things away, but I would definitely recommend this film for anyone who is feeling unsure in their career path, and for those who are quite certain. No matter what, I think this film succeeds in being compelling, beautiful and uplifting– and that’s what I like to get for $12.95 on a Tuesday!

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