headbands are nice

Ever since seeing Alice in Wonderland as a wee child, I have been a fan of the headband. Especially since it always seems to give me a pulled together, girlish look with very minimal effort, and I like minimal effort when it comes to my “look.” I tend to wake up as late as I possibly can—leaving myself with very little time in the morning to primp and preen before heading off to work. This is why, my gentle readers, the headband suits me perfectly. Easy, fun and fast!

I know that headbands have had a surge of trendiness in recent years, what with Blair Waldorf’s and Lauren Conrad’s endorsement. But despite their popularity, I must say I am pleased with the sudden influx of styles and availability. It has allowed me to increase my collection to a somewhat ridiculous amount. At the moment, I am most fond of my Bekah headband, handmade by Etsy seller and blogger extraordinaire Taza & the Prince. It’s so pretty and unlike most full-circle headbands, this one stays in place on my head regardless of my stick straight slippery hair!

I am also quite taken with the elegant and fresh stylings of Abigail Ricarte’s Bambako designs. Visit her shop and take a gander…it may just be my next uncontrollable shopping splurge, but I believe that a good headband is always worth it!

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