Etsy Splurge

I am not particularly proud of myself when I am overtaken by desire for a material good that I know I don’t need. I like to think of myself as somewhat able to control these petty urges. I really am trying to be less materialistic and keep my priorities in order. Such as rather than buying clothes all extra funds need to go directly into buying instruments for the band that the boy and I will one day form (after he teaches me to play something other than the cowbell). Then we will become successful rock stars and get to travel the world.

Hmmm…this post is kind of all over the place. Suffice to say that I was unable to fight the urge to purchase this swimsuit when it was featured on Etsy earlier this week. Check out LA Drama Queen’s shop; there are a myriad of awesome one of a kind bathing suits!

I hope it looks as flattering on me as it does on the model. Just had to share as I think these swimsuit designs are so cute and retro. I love the one-pieces! I’m hoping to get the chance to sport this suit at least a few times at the beach this summer. It will be just like a 1960’s beach flick!

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