sweet stuff

I may be the last young lady on the planet to subscribe to the Daily Candy emails. I always knew about them, I just didn’t want to get caught up in yet another daily email indulgence. One more pretty shiny email filled with lovely pictures and happy thoughts to distract me from looking at my reminder emails from socal edison, at&t and credit card companies, all asking me to please pay them.

But today I decided I was strong enough to allow some Daily Candy into my life. I am now subscribing to the “everywhere” emails. I was going to stick with just Los Angeles, but I figured I may as well just go all out. When in Rome….

I am really looking forward to my first email, as I am sure it will be filled with fun fashion tips, cool make-up ideas, restaurants to try, and places to shop. But I am mostly excited to get some daily eye-candy in the form of Sujean Rim’s adorable artwork.

I first noticed her sweet watercolor designs when I registered with Target for our wedding. The collection of artwork in the Club Wed catalog was just so cute, I saved it all to use in my wedding scrapbook….which I promise to get around to making one of these days! Sujean’s simple situations and sparse drawings with bright bursts of color, make her designs simultaneously flirty and elegant.

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