hi, my name is….

In high school, my two best friends were both named Heather (which is my real name, for those that do not know. Oh gosh, I’m not sure how I feel about revealing my true identity, but it’s out now, I guess I have to move on.) Anyway, the three of us ‘Heathers’ would always walk around the campus together during lunch and passing periods. And over three dreadful years people never seemed to tire of how funny it was when they’d call out to us “Hey Heather!” And all three of us would turn in response. That joke never seemed to get old. Maybe that says something about the intelligence level of my high school classmates!

The other comment always brought up when the three ‘Heathers’ were together (that simply wouldn’t die) was the oh-so-original: “Hey it’s just like that movie, Heathers! You guys are the Heathers!” (Insert Bevis & Butthead style laugh here.) Sigh.

In an effort to rise above this stupidity, the others Heathers and I attempted to not give in and watch the film that was our namesake for as long as we possibly could. But then, one fateful evening, we watched it…. and I thought it was ok. I am not a huge fan, but I could see the appeal. However, I feel like I need to watch it again now that I am older, wiser– and more cynical.

Why I even mention this story is because I have heard rumors of a sequel! A sequel? To Heather’s? How does one do a sequel to that film? And since I am on the topic, why do they even make sequels? I can understand if it’s intended to be a series or films from the start, like this or that. But when you start making sequels of cult films from the 80’s, I think it seems like maybe the idea well is running a bit dry. Just saying. Next it will be Heathers the Musical. And if we learned anything from Big the Musical, a well loved 1980’s film does not guarantee a hit broadway muscial!

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