One nice thing

Last week the boy and I decided to do “one nice thing” for each other each day. Now I know that probably sounds as if we must be horrible to each other if we have to make an effort to do one nice thing, but it wasn’t like that at all. It was just an experiment really. I wanted to see what nice things we’d come up with for each other…and I think we did really well. But the best part of the having to aware of nice things? I realized how many nice things the boy does for me everyday! And even better? I realized that I am pretty damn nice myself! Who knew?

Here is a brief list of the niceness:

*he brought me home a delicious cookie from Taste
*i played Trivial Pursuits with him (he always wants to play board games and I always say no)
*he let me watch an episode of Gilmore Girls
*i left him a secret note in his notebook
*he made me my favorite meal of pesto tortellini
*i found us a wonderful new apartment (debatable if that counts, but it was hard work and I think it was nice)
*he followed me as I rode my bike to work last Friday, to make sure I made it alright. Super nice!
*i washed and dried all the dishes myself so he could relax and watch the wire

There must have been a few others I am blanking on now, but all in all, a very good activity for the week. What nice things make your day?

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