if I close my eyes and wish hard enough…

maybe I could be here right now:

But since I am stuck at my desk, let me take this moment to remind everyone that the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screenings are starting up again and I for one want to go at least two shows this year!

It is the perfect outing for LA hipsters and cinefiles alike. 10 bucks gets you into the cemetery, where you can set up your own little picnic on the grass before the film. Bring your own booze and grub and enjoy a classic or cult film (that’s the demographic they tend to cater for) projected on the mausoleum. In the past, the boy and I have seen three films there, including Roman Holiday, one of my all time favorites. What can I say? I am girly! But it really is an fun-filled and reasonably priced summertime activity.

So far they have posted the calendar for the first few films for the season and they are starting strong with Cool Hand Luke showing this Saturday. I have my eye on Dazed and Confused which will no doubt be a rowdy affair, showing May 24th. I’m going to try to be there with some of the friends and the boy naturally. Although, To Catch a Thief and Sleeper would be fun to see too! Oh the choices! I think it’s going to be a great summer…and it’s still only May!

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