Bikes, Bangs and a Romper

Over the weekend I finally bought a bike (I have been wanting one for months). It’s a big vintage-looking pink cruiser (see right) and it’s just what I wanted. Huzzah! However, due to the fact that it is so bulky the boy and I couldn’t get it to fit into our tiny Honda Civic, and so I was forced to partake in what will now be referred to as the Big Bike Ride of 2009. This consisted of my riding the pink bike, complete with my oh-so-trendy-helmet from Sepulveda and Jeffereson to Santa Monica Blvd. and Wilshire! For Realz! For those who do not recognize those junctures here’s a handy map to show you what a bad ass biker I am:

That’s over 6 miles kids! I was really quite impressed with myself and you should be too. Although, I haven’t gotten on the bike since….I have been sunburned and not feeling up to it. But in other news, I also have been playing with the concept of giving my hair a new do, particularly adding some fringe. It’s amazing how the very concept of bangs kinda freaks me out. I have always felt like my forehead is too small and it wouldn’t suit me, but since I have been reading The Rockstar Diaries blog, I love Naomi’s cute hair and ruby red lips! I totally want to steal the look!

And speaking of looks, I am very keen on investing in a cute romper (yes I said it) for the summer. Something light and easy and happy and cute. I particularly like this one from Urban Outfitters and since Cupcakes and Cashmere blogged about grown-up onesies today, I feel like it may be time. I like how this one kinda has a vintage look to it as well, almost like one of Rachel McAdams’ costumes from the Notebook. I love all her outfits in that movie!

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