Warmth of the Sun

I am ready to get going with summer already. It’s a funny thing actually. Every fall I am just itching to start sporting autumn wear like tights, with sweaters and boots. Likewise, nearing the end of every Spring I start craving the smell of the ocean, mixed with Popsicles and the smell of cheap plastic flip flops burning on the hot tarmac. That all feels like summer to me. And I have decided that it’s about time for summer already. I am ready to go! I got my swimsuits out of the closet, I got plenty of the spf 45 that my pale as paper skin requires, and I am geared up for a summer of fun! Last summer I was married and most of my free time was spent planning and preparing for that. This year, the boy and I want to go all out and just have some good old fashion summer fun! I miss my face freckles and I am determined to get them back this year.

All this talk of summer and I cannot help but think of Jena Ardell’s “Summer Love” photography. The exposure of these images is just what I want my own summer to look like. I want to buy a beach cruiser bike just like that one! Check out her store and I am sure you can find plenty of prints perfect for your future beach house. Her work has been making the round on all the blogs from {frolic} to decor8 because it is simply toooooo cute!

{All Photos by Jena Ardell}

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