Over the Rainbow

Over the weekend I suffered a nasty bump to the head that led me to the ER. My head still hurts and I find it amazingly annoying that I am not just back to normal. However, the head injury lead me to thinking about one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of OZ. I actually don’t own the dvd, so I haven’t seen it in ages, but it’s one of those films that I know by heart. Dorothy gets hit in the head and thus is transported to the wonderful land of OZ. I didn’t go anywhere but the UCLA medical center.

It got me thinking about the film and it’s vibrant look. It’s beautiful to watch. There has been so much written about the film classic and it’s been parodied so many times that I think it’s easy to forget just how entertaining and interesting the whole thing really is…I mean there was a year of my life where all I wanted to be was “Dorothy Gail from Kansas.” (Give me a break I was three years old!) Beyond it being such an epic film, it’s also got the lure of all the rumors and all the problems on set, people hanging themselves in background shots, multiple castings due to injuries, etc. It manages to be something of a cult film as well as a popular classic and for that alone I love it. But throw in the political allegory of the plot and you really can’t deny that it is a damn clever story. And in a way, it’s always got a relevance to the way we perceive our political leaders as these all powerful beings, when really, they are just scared little men hiding behind a curtain.

I have been searching the interweb for images of the film and stumbled upon Annie Leibovitz’s take on the classic, featuring Kiera Knightly as Dorothy (photos below). I think they are very cool and simply had to share them. It makes me want to be Dorothy for next Halloween. Although all the adult costumes I can find for Dorothy are all slutty from “Leggs Avenue” or whatever the skanky costume brand is called. Why are Halloween costumes for women always on the slutty side? Anyway, that’s an issue for another day. I am off to see the Wizard!

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