{set the table}

I got a bunch of beautiful things for my kitchen, along with lovely tabletop items such as plates and stemware, as wedding gifts…to be used when I finally have a kitchen and a table fit for guests to eat at. So I have no business at looking at more stemware, plates and glasses but it’s awfully hard to resist and there is no harm in just looking right? I love all these items from Anthropologie. In my perfect world, they’d be affordable and I’d be considered practical for buying them. (sigh). I especially like how these have a vintage feel, and the gold with the pink and blue– adorable!

Additionally, I am not much of a cook. I could really do with a cookbook or two that provides it’s readers with simple tasty recipes. If it happens to have a cover like this one that would be cute enough to display, well, that’s even more my style!

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