I am attending the Coachella Music Festival this year and cannot wait for some fun in the sun! I went last year and got to see Prince in all his purple glory, and this year I am pumped at the prospect of rocking out to Morissey, The Cure, and Sir Paul McCartney (even though for the record he is my least favorite Beatle.)
Last year I only went to one day of the three day festival and dressed modestly. I had am amazing time, but I learned two things:

#1. It is too hot to wear jeans in the middle of the desert in April
#2. Fashion is a major player in the whole event

There were girls decked out in everything from bathing suits to mini skits to peasant dresses to leather cut-offs. I felt like quite the “plain-jane” in my jeans and a tank top. Ah but this year I shall redeem myself. I have decided to do the typical thing and seize this musical occasion as an opportunity to embrace my inner bohemian! I want to wear flowers in my hair and dance barefoot in the sunshine! ( Well maybe not barefoot…I mean hello, gross!) While singing along with Paul, I want to be dressed a little Stella. Since I cannot afford a Stella McCartney dress, I have come up with this ensemble. All parts from Urban Outfitters.

I think it is the perfect Coachella outfit—for friday! Now all I have to figure out is what to wear on saturday and sunday and I am all set…..

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