{je t’aime}

I am a big fan of the Parisian style of decorating and architecture. I also enjoy listening to French pop music. My hope is one day I will unknowingly start to speak fluent French just from having heard so many lovely and softly sung lyrics in the romantic tongue. I also had a plan to watch French films like Amelie and Rouge over and over until I could speak the dialog in French, with impeccable pronunciation. So far both these schemes fell through.
Still, there is something that I find intriguing and fascinating about the city of lights. I have only been once with my husband and we were literally there just a weekend, yet it still managed to leave a lasting impression on me as it has on so many others. I currently live in a teeny tiny apartment in Beverly Hills (literally one room with a hallway and a bathroom) but it’s a block from the posh designer shopping of Rodeo Drive– very Breakfast at Tiffany’s. As this was all I could afford at the time of moving in, I decided to make the best of my small space by going for a Parisian apartment theme. Everything cozy and clever; I kept thinking of the opening sequence in American in Paris, in which Gene Kelly transforms his “bedroom” into “kitchen” and “art studio” in a matter of seconds, with a few remarkable adjustments. I thought that was the coolest thing when I was 8 years old, and clearly, I still do!

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