A Bedroom/Office Paradise

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

I am so excited to share this recent project which I started just before the new year. In doing so much freelance work, it became evident that I needed a designated space at home specifically to do work. So I decided to convert a portion of our bedroom into my personal home office/workspace. But in the process of doing that, I decided to take the opportunity to transform our boringly decorated, mishmash of a bedroom and give it a style refresh in the theme of a Hawaiian paradise!

Bullet Journaling – What it is and Why I Like it!

2018 Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling has been on the journaling scene for a few years now, I know. But when I first heard about the craze I thought it sounded too overwhelming. I figured I already had a bunch of different planners, planning apps, calendars, and journals to content with – I certainly didn’t need yet another journal.

In the Middle – And Actually Somewhat Elevated…

It’s that time of year when I do my annual birthday post in which I make a whole bunch of plans for this new year of my life which I likely won’t be able to keep, and I reflect on where I am in my life right now.

Exactly one week ago I turned 35. Thirty. Five. To me, this is officially the “middle,” and a sort of turning point in my life. As a precursor to writing this post, I went back to view the one I wrote last year, and not only did I find that I basically failed to check off nearly every item on my to-do list, it was clear that I also had no idea what was awaiting me in my 34th year. I was scared, unsure of myself, and fixated on all the things I hadn’t achieved yet – I feel very differently now.

Magpies Soft Serve

Labor Day may be the traditional seasonal signifier of summer’s end, but here in southern California it’s usually just the start of our most blistering summer heat! The cure for such unfavorable weather patterns? Soft serve ice cream!

magpies soft serve

Magpies Soft Serve is conveniently situated within walking distance of our apartment, so much like our local pizza place, this Silverlake shop has become a regular part of our daily lives. When the weather is particularly hot, there is nothing better than walking out into the warm night air and strolling over to get a cone (or cup in my case) of cool, sweet soft serve.

A quick trip to Vegas

When we asked my sister-in-law and her friend how they wanted to spend their final weekend of holiday in LA, they responded with a different L-A — Las Vegas!

Vegas 2017

As cheesy as it is, husband and I kinda love Las Vegas. No matter how many times we make the drive, there is something exciting about seeing those lights on the horizon as you drive out of the darkness of the desert. And then, even though we aren’t big gamblers, we love wandering the strip – popping in each of the hotels and taking in the bizarre spectacle that is Vegas.